What experts say may be one of the most destructive and catastrophic storms the northeast has ever seen, Hurricane Sandy made landfall yesterday which halted production on our house.  So far there are an estimated 8.2 million people without power in 15 states, 92 dead and counting, hundreds of streets are flooded and trees across the states are uprooted.  Damages from the storm are estimated to be in the billions.

Not only has the storm haulted production of our house but the high winds ripped off the outside insullation on a portion of our house and has absolutely drenched the inside for the last 3 days.  Relief from the storm is in not expected for another 2-3 days.

Since our shingles are not on yet when the hurricane hit the water just created puddles throughout the house.  Though not as bad as being outside, when we walked the inside to access any damage there might be we had to have an unbrella up as it was raining on all levels of the house. 🙁

After visiting the house on day 3 of the rain and seeing the crew never came to the house that day as planned and that the puddles only got bigger I stopped by the model home to talk to the Ryan Homes rep to express my concerns.

It was a good conversation but I’m still nervous about water damage.  I was told the OSB boards used in the construction are designed to withstand water.  I get that however I highly dought they are designed to withstand an inch of sitting water for a week.  However, I was also told any damaged will be fixed and they do a mold inspection prior to installing drywall.  All positive things.  So now I guess we just wait for the end of Hurricane Sandy, assess the total damage and go from there.

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  1. Dad Sehlmeyer says:

    Kids don’t let Sandy take away from your dream, think positive. every thing will go great from this point!!!!! Love Dad

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